Vienna: Bubble Charmers & An Opera Charmer.

Twilight in the city of Vienna, similar to Florence and Venice, brought a sense of charm as the Sun went down.

The first night, I noticed right away the "bubble charmers" (I don't know that they're called that, it's just what I call them)...

They stand in the plazas with buckets of solution, dipping a set of sticks with a net into it.When they pull it out and open it up, large bubbles fly in the wind.

You can catch the bubbles as they fly towards you; but a second later the fun bursts.

Children loved dancing in the bubbles. Who can blame them? I'm 37 and still fascinated with bubbles.

This gentleman's netting was different than the others I had seen. It was a string with loops. And it produced some of the biggest bubbles I saw.

For a moment there, when I saw a wall of bubbles coming towards me, I felt like I was inside some kind of animation.

Along with the bubble charmers, I did come upon an "opera charmer."

I watched as she walked as she walked into the Graben and sat down on the steps of the Pestsaule... And began belting out beautiful notes.

She sat calmly and confidently... And a crowd gathered as she finished her first melody. Everyone clapped. Nearly every group, myself included, left her a Euro bill of some kind. No change.

She was that good.

Vienna is very charming as the Sun sets.