Vienna: The Original Wiener Waschsalon.

I was desperate.

I had forgotten to wash a few things while at The Chateau in Bordeaux the previous week. So finding a laundromat as soon as I got to Vienna was going to be critical. Before I even left Prague, I was able to locate (via Google) a "waschsalon" about a 20 minute walk from my hotel.

"Perfect!" I thought. "I'll be able to see the city and get my clothes cleaned."

It was a "win-win" as far as I was concerned. The practicality of getting my clothes clean combined with the opportunity to explore a neighborhood or two while I trek there? Awesome!

But I didn't realize that it would be a "win-win-win" type of situation. The third "win" being due to the name of the place once I got there.

I thought the name "Original Wiener Waschsalon" that I saw on Google was just someone naming the location with a funny name. But when I saw the (above) signage on the window, I realized that was indeed the name.

And me being the juvenile-humored person I am, it made me smile quite big as I began my laundry...

I, of course, new that "Wiener" is German for "Viennese." This city is called "Wien" in German. So really, the translation is simply, "The Original Viennese Laundromat."

But it was titled in German. As were ALL of the instructions for the use of the machines.

I was able to determine that I had to shove everything I wanted to wash into the numbered machine I wanted. The next step was to use a machine on the wall and press the button for that machine, and then put the exact amount into it.

It ended up working out quite nicely. An hour later, my clothes were clean and dry!

A moment that made me even prouder: I was able to help a local woman who spoke no English figure out how to use the machine too.


I was quite pleased with myself as I walked back to the hotel as twilight started to fall in the city squares.