Vienna: Stanley Kubrik At The Kunst Forum.

I've mentioned it before... I do minimal research before I actually show up to most of the cities I visit. I like to allow myself an opportunity to meander the streets and run into things around me. I don't like things to be too "planned" when I travel. If I miss an opportunity to see something significant because I failed to book ahead... Oh well.

I was grateful for my "meandering tendencies" on my last evening in Vienna. Because if I hadn't wandered around, I never would have found this...

A Stanley Kubrik exhibit at the Kunst Forum.

This was an exhibit of his early work as a photographer, before he went into directing movies. He showed talent at a very young age with taking pictures. And his work was even published in a national magazine before the age of 18.

I love his style of documenting the everyday life of people. This was a consuming exhibit for me. I wanted to take pictures, but it was forbidden. I did manage to sneak one in from my favorite section...

It was from Take of a Shoe Shine Boy. Kubrick followed a young shoe-shine chap, named Mickey, to capture his daily life. He covered not only the working portion of Mickey's day, but also his typical boyhood activities... Such as hanging out with friends, doing homework, and playing with his pet pigeons.

My other favorite installation was of the actress Betsy von Furstenburg...

I wasn't able to capture any photos of this section. But the photo in this poster was one of my favorites of her. I love that it feels very natural... And likely was. Nothing was staged or forced about it. It's an intimate and simple moment in her life... Just sitting, reading a script, petting her cat... And we feel like we're right there witnessing it. 

If you're in Vienna for the next few weeks, I recommend you check out this exhibit.