Vienna: A Walk In Vienna's First District.

Vienna, similar to other European cities - like Paris with it's arrondissements, is divided into numbered districts. The district that I stayed in, and that has many of the established tourist spots is the first district in the Old Town, Innere Stadt.

One of the most recognizable landmarks in the district is St. Stephen's Cathedral...

... With it's intricately patterned and colorful tiles.

While the outside of the cathedral maybe eye-catching, I found the inside o be less spectacular. But then, when you've fallen in love with La Sagrada Familia, it's tough for anything else to compete.

And because I was staying in a hotel nearby, I often found myself walking past the Pestsaule column on the Graben...

There were quite a few restaurants located on the small streets off of the Graben. And as the evening would arrive, there would often be street performers and entertainers working for money. I even sat and listened to a woman singing opera for a few minutes next to this fountain one night.

Another well-known landmark: Hofburg Palace...

The day I went to explore it ended up being a Christian holiday in Vienna, so it was closed. But I was entertained by the imagery outside it. The statues were quite violent...

Some more in a "heroic" sense.

After walking around the palace, I wandered around a number of the adjacent parks.

It was a sunny day, though quiet - most likely because of the holiday. So it was great to sit down and read for a little while without lots of noise.

Vienna also is seat for the Austrian government. And the parliament building is an eye-catching centerpiece just beyond the parks.

It's architecture is quite a contrast to the other government building in the area, the town hall, Rathaus...

It's interesting to look at the two buildings and compare their differences... As they were essentially built around the same time, between the 1870s and into the 1880s.

I noticed the rainbow flag off the side of the tower of Rathaus. In support of Gay Pride Month, I am assuming.

There were so many buildings and churches in this one district of Vienna... It would take a week or so to tour them all and learn about them. I enjoyed Vienna so much, just being able to walk outside and see everything.