Be Positive. Be Open. Move Forward.

I was having conversations with a few people this week about that "feeling stuck" sensation that can pop up from time to time. I personally find that it attempts to set in not when I have a lack of control or choices... But rather when I have so many choices I am overwhelmed.

It starts by, typically, something ending. Maybe something we really enjoyed. Maybe not. Could be a relationship, a job, a course, a bag of chips, a cup of coffee... (You get the picture.) But something ends, which may or may not have been our decision, and we now have to move forward.  On to the next thing, whatever it may be.

But trying to figure out what that looks like and feels like? That's what gets me every time.  It's the kind of thing that forces me to spend a lot of time here...

My meditation spot in my garden.

I sit down on my blanket, cross my legs, put my earbuds in, play my meditation music, close my eyes... And just think about... None of the decisions I may or may not have to make.

Nope. For 15 to 30 minutes, I just let thoughts come into my mind... And then pass right through. Sometimes I find myself holding on and exploring a thought. And then I catch myself and allow the music/sounds from my playlist carry it off, allowing the next random thought to pop into my mind.

Good or bad. It's just a thought. It materializes. And I send it away. 

My main focus when meditating is simply to "push" happy energy out of me. A bad thought floats in, I think, "Move on. This is a happy space for the moment." And it goes away. I stay open to whatever comes into my mind. I acknowledge it before I dismiss it. Then I move on.

And that's how I try to live my life, outside of my meditation, each day. It's not easy. Waking up each day and thinking, "There is awesomeness in today," sounds a bit loopy. Or maybe a lot loopy. But the reality is that it's not loopy to live your life knowing that whatever happens is for the best, and that you should be happy about it.

It may not look or feel the way you expected it to. But you have to be positive and open to it. And that will help you move forward on a path... No matter which choice you make out of the number you truly have each day.