Bizzaro Gym.

I joined a gym here in Encinitas. Why would I not? I have belonged to a gym for over seven years now... Do I actually go to the gym though? Well, truthfully, I only go consistently when I work with a trainer.

How sad.

So this past weekend, after spending some time researching which gym in my area I should join (since there is no Equinox here), I decided to go with the all women's gym that's a quick 10 minute drive from my place. And I must say, I love being at a gym with only women. But not for the reasons you're probably thinking... No, I like being there - particularly first thing in the morning - because no one else is there.

And that is completely bizarre.

I am used to the gym being fairly packed in the mornings. All of us working schmucks fighting for our favorite machines and weights, trying to get in some activity before the day begins. I long ago gave up trying to workout after work, as it is typically even more packed. Same with lunchtime.

But this gym? Nope. Complete opposite.

The peak times are 8am to 11am. And all of the fitness classes are well-attended. But the three days this week that I have gone to the gym at 6am... I was one of three people on the floor working out.


And I love it. The machines are always available. Everything is clean. I can get any kettle bell that I want. The locker room is clean, and getting into the whirlpool, sauna or steam room is easy. I don't have to wait for room in each to become available. It's great!

I asked a trainer I worked with the other day (yes, I am seeing a trainer a few days a week) what the deal was with the empty gym.

"It's mostly stay-at-home moms and housewives who come here," she said.

I laughed. I had forgotten what part of San Diego I was living in for a moment. That made sense. And the gym I go to is also a spa for women, from which my membership includes a monthly massage.

So what may be normal to them is completely backwards and "bizarro" to me. But so far, I am totally digging it.