I Am Home.

"Where have you been?"

Yes. I realize it's been a few days! Quite the difference from when I was traveling and there would be multiple posts a day. Surprisingly, traveling in the States has been much more time-consuming than traveling around the world. But now that I am done with the Seven in Seven tour, I can finally settle in to life here on the West Coast.

I am home.

(My entry way in the new place. Plants and Tom Ford lipsticks!)

It's been a work in progress for about five months. And really, once I made the decision that Southern California was where I wanted to be for right now, I really just wanted to drop everything and focus on the things that would need to get done to make it happen.  Like:
  • Getting a job
  • Finding a place to live
  • Buying a car (and registering it... and getting a CA license)
  • Packing all of my stuff and moving
But, I forced myself to stick with the travel plans. And the plotting of my move West had to be taken on in stages. And I managed to get all of those things done! Most before this week... While traveling, even.

Yes. I found a job. I had a few opportunities that popped up once I changed my location on LinkedIn to "Greater San Diego Area." But the job that won out was one that has me working from home right now. I've hitched my wagon to a content marketing agency/service provider based in Phoenix. They brought me on board as a senior-level person within the company. And it's allowing me to focus on the approach to digital marketing that I have been preaching about for the past three years. 

Am I running an agency section, like before? No. But I knew moving to San Diego would mean "reworking" my career to accommodate the lifestyle choice I was making. And my gut tells me the tradeoff will be well worth it. 

I started the job on Tuesday this week, while in Phoenix. And now I am at home working...

(Groovy new work space, huh? Complete with a landline!)

A Physical Home
I found this place back in March. Sure, I only have it to the end of December. And I have to give some thought to buying or longer-term renting in the next few months. But being able to move into a place where I could get running on work and life right away was key.

(My living room at the new place. Take note of the monkeys!)

Car Stuff
I bought the car in May. I drove it from my small town in Arizona, up to Phoenix. And then from Phoenix to San Diego. All by myself. And yes, I am pleased at that... As I hadn't done this extensive amount of driving in over 14 years.  

Additionally, I researched what was involved with registering a car, getting plates, and changing my drivers license all in California. Setting up an appointment through an online system made it very easy. The one thing I overlooked, though?


Yes. California makes you take the written test whenever you are renewing or even exchanging your license to the state. I balked when the guy taking my picture then handed me the sheet for the test.

"But I have a Massachusetts license. People don't know how to drive there. That's why they're called 'Massholes.' California is easy to drive in. Why are you making me take this? I haven't studied. I haven't taken this in over 20 years. Why do you hate me?"

My logical argument made no difference to guy, who just responded with a laugh. Luckily, I only missed two questions.  And, no, I have no idea which ones. I was just elated to have passed a test I didn't study for.

Moving & Unpacking
The majority of my stuff is in storage for now. But I did get a few things delivered that I couldn't live without for now.  And I won't lie... These are two of my favorite things...

In case you were wondering (and I know you are), the "Ganja" jar is a piece by designer Jonathan Adler. It's a very popular item. I store COFFEE in mine. (One of the advantages to working at home is that I won't offend anyone with my funny mug. I could never take that into the office. Mostly because I know it would get stolen.)

The moving company I used was incredibly efficient not only with the packing of my goods... But the delivery as well. The guy was a day early with delivery. And the time between everything being picked up and everything being delivered to storage or me was six days. SIX DAYS!  All the way across the country! Going from the one of the most Northeast tips to the most Southwest tip!


I also managed to find a mobile bike service guy who came to my place here and put together my new bike for me...

Gorgeous, ain't it? 

I can't ride it yet though. I don't have a helmet or a bike lock. I just haven't had time to go buy one!

So, see... Things have been very busy. 

Now to get ready for a yoga class... As it is time I got back to being serious about my practice.