Instead Of Going To The Gym, I Bought A House Using My iPhone.

True story.  And I wasn't even looking to really buy a house.

It all began on Sunday morning...

See, I was supposed to be going to the gym. And I really meant to. But instead, I went to Starbucks first. And the line at Starbucks (drive-thru, of course) was super long. But I didn't want to get out and go inside. So I took my spot in the "car queue." After waiting for five minutes without moving, I wanted to pull out. I mean, I don't even wait five minutes inside for my Venti cappuccino. Why would I wait longer in my car?

But I was stuck. I couldn't pull out. I was already between the barriers for the entrance to the drive-thru. And there were cars already behind me. So I just decided to go with it.

About 15 minutes later, I was pulling out with my drink. And I decided, "I'll just go home and drink this... Catch up on political and world news... Maybe do a quick post... Then I will go to the gym."

But me and the Internet... It's always a sordid affair. It entices me with it's endless supply of knowledge. Linking me from one topic to the next. A natural segue of endless information. I had only intended to do a quick search on rentals in Encinitas, where I live. But instead of hitting "rentals" on Trulia, I hit the button for looking to buy. And so many properties popped up at all ranges.

So then I decided to plug in a proper range for a search. One lower than I thought I would have to spend on a place in this part of the city. And, to my surprise, a cute townhouse popped up on my search. It was near everything I frequent, except for the yoga studio I go to. It was a 10 minute drive from that. And I saw that there was an open house happening that afternoon.

So I said, "I'll just go to this open house... then I'll swing by the gym."

And that was absolutely my intention. I even wore my gym clothes - not something a serious buyer would ever do.

But as I drove to the place, through a quiet tucked-in area, I saw myself riding my bike and driving there. I turned onto the street and saw the sign for the open house. It was cute.

I walked in, spoke to the agent representing the place. I walked around... Falling in love with the fixtures that had recently been installed.

"The detached garage needs a new door," I noted. "But the private garden patio it open on to would be perfect for entertaining guests right off the French doors of the kitchen. I could put a table out here and cook and then serve. Just like it was at the chateau in Bordeaux!"

"And the tile throughout the first floor will need to be switched to hardwood..."

Even after I calculated in my head what all the changes I want to do could potentially cost me, I realized that it was still less than what I had budgeted for in a home.

So I told the agent I wanted to make an offer, and that I didn't have an agent I was working with... That I had found the listing on Trulia. She was a bit stunned. But she agreed to represent my offer.

I emailed her my info and my proof of funds, which was a screen shot of my account. Then she sent me an offer letter to sign via e-signature app. Then the counter offer was signed that way as well. And also the final offer agreement. Then I transferred funds using my various banking apps on my phone. And then made the wire transfer on my phone for the deposit.

I didn't go to the bank or print out anything.

It was almost too easy...

Needless to say, I didn't make it to the gym.

But I I did look at exercise suggestions through an app on my phone.