"It's Just A Wall."

I got up super early this morning (actually, only about 45 minutes earlier than I typically do) to drive to the airport. I have a business meeting in Chicago tomorrow, and am now back in the city that was very much a part of my monthly life at one of my previous jobs. (I do enjoy this city.)

In typical "Heather" fashion, as soon as I sat down in my aisle seat of the plane for my direct four-hour flight, I fell asleep.

(Being able to fall asleep on planes so easily is something I should list as a skill on my LinkedIn page, I think.)

As I sat in my chair (fully upright, by the way), I was half asleep and half awake. And I stayed like that for about three hours. It was lovely. But while I was in this state, my mind had a lot of random activity...

It was similar to a lot of dream activity I've had in recent weeks in that my mind is releasing an epic flow of random thoughts. I just consider it to be energy that has been stored and needs to be released. It can often mean nothing. But sometimes... Sometimes... It means something. Especially when you have very lucid dreams.

And on today's flight, it was mostly just random thoughts that floated in and then out. But towards the end of my relaxed state, I heard one random thought very clearly... Which woke me up.

"It's just a wall."

It was my voice, in my mind. It was my inner self saying it in a tone of, "Psshh... Why are you even worried about that? It's just a wall. Go over. Go under it. Go through it. It's not a big deal. Walls exist. That doesn't mean you have to stay behind them."

It woke me up and forced me to think about what my self meant by it. And then I realized that I am so used to having to deal with "walls"... Then get upset that they are there... Then act all "I am empowered and am kicking this wall in and no one can stop me!"

But really... There's no need for drama. I have no one holding me back. And I don't need to see each wall as a big dramatic thing to get over.

I think it was my inner self telling me, "You've beyond the drama space you've been in for a long time. You don't need to be internally fighting. Who cares that the wall is there? You'll get past it. You always will."

Alrighty, self. I hear you.