Moving Day Has Arrived!

It is Moving Day!

Technically, I don't leave Boston until Saturday in the very early morning. But today is the day the movers show up to pack everything and move it out of my my fourth floor apartment in a very old brownstone on the most charming street in Boston's South End neighborhood.

There was no way in hell I was going to do the packing and moving myself. I budgeted for it, because moving mid-Summer on one of the hottest days of the year was not going to be fun. So this was one thing I was happy to just throw money at.

While most of my possessions will be put into storage for a few months (until I find a more permanent place to live in San Diego), there are a few things I simply don't want to live without in the meantime. So the movers will be dropping a few boxes off at my place before throwing everything else into storage.

My LeCreuset tea kettle, my carafes, my alkalinized water pitcher... My Reidel stemware... My All-Clad pans and LeCreuset dutch oven...

The REALLY critical stuff... my Nespresso machine and my coffee maker. My current place in Encinitas is fully furnished and has a coffee maker. But I am pretty attached to mine.

I love omelets. I am GREAT at making them. And it took YEARS to get even somewhat decent at making them. In addition to using coconut oil to lubricate the pan, I use my French whisk to beat the eggs into a frothy frenzy... And then use a Japanese rice cooker spoon as a spatula when making it. These are critical to my daily happiness, in addition to my caffeine creators.

My collection of Chinoiserie cache pots. I've had them for 11 years now. I had quite a few more, but the ex and I split them pretty evenly when we divided everything up in the divorce. I love plants. I have a bit of a green thumb with house plants. And I want to start right away with new ones when I get to Encinitas.

Essential!!! Coffee mugs! I mean... THE WORLD'S BEST COFFEE MUGS!

The orange one is from Jonathan Adler in NYC. I love the color orange. The "Britney Bitch" mug is from a Vegas trip my sister and sister-in-law took earlier this year. And the newest mug is from Frogger as a going-away gift. It is epic.


It helps wake you up in the morning.

The movers are almost here to begin. (Ohh! The doorbell just buzzed...)