My Last Day In Boston.

It's my very last day living in Boston. And one thing I've never done in the collective eight years that I have lived here is go to this place...

Fenway Park. And I'm okay with that. While I will always be a Red Sox fan when it comes to baseball, I've no interest in actually going to a baseball game. But the Sox are a center part of the charm of this city. And I am lucky to have lived here while they've won their three championships. (I'm a bit of a lucky charm for you, Red Sox.)

A good chunk of my past two years was spent in this brownstone...

Number 52 Union Park. Right at the corner of Union Park and Tremont Street. It had the best view of all the action happening in Boston's South End neighborhood...

I would often work from my dining table, looking out at the street below. It was a beautiful view anytime of the year... Even when it was blizzarding outside.

Now, there;s just an empty apartment, waiting for the arrival of the new owner this afternoon...

I found myself sad to be leaving, as I walked down the stairs with the garbage for the last time. But then I walked back to my hotel... And managed to avoid putting on rose-colored glasses, instead seeing all of the things that did always and have always put me off about this city.

  • I don't want to only be able to put my trash out two days a week. It will be nice to have a garbage can to throw things in, outside of my apartment.
  • I want to live in a city that - sure, may have a lot of cars, but -has an easier and more sensible layout in which to drive.
  • I want more sunshine than grey clouds. 
  • I don't want to only have three minutes worth of hot water in the shower in the Wintertime, because the old lady downstairs doesn't want the building to pay so much for hot water.
  • I also will enjoy being free from always being frozen in the Winter, because the same old lady doesn't want to send the heat up in the building.
  • I will enjoy floors that aren't severely slanted.
  • I will enjoy not having my bedroom smell like Indian food because of the (awesome) Indian restaurant downstairs.

I will, however, miss the people.

Tonight, I go to bed early, and I fly away from the Common ground of Boston. I didn't really want to leave when I did it the first time five years ago. But this time, it's purely my decision. This city doesn't fit.

But it was nice wearing it for a while.

And I'll always come back for a visit. Happily.

And I'll never root for any other baseball team... Just the Red Sox.