Rome: The Colosseum, The Forum & Altare Della Patria.

We were ambitious. We woke up our third morning there with an aggressive agenda. We had only 24 hours left in Rome, and here was still much in the way of "old stuff" to see. 

First on the list was the Colosseum.

I didn't really have any desire to go in and see it. I always feel that viewing it from outside if enough. But Red wanted to see the inside. And coming all this way to Rome and not see it would be wrong. So we went in... And to my surprise, the wait to get in wasn't bad at all.

It was the same as I had remembered it 10 years ago.

To spice things up this time, though, while in line for the ladies room I got frustrated...

The line was so long. I looked over to the men's room and saw no line. Then I saw a woman walk out of the men's room with a boy holding her hand.

I decided I was going to use it too.

Thirty seconds later, I walked out... Happy. The women's line had grown longer. A man I passed on my way out said to me, "That was incredibly smart."

Well, yeah, I thought. I'm all about getting stuff done.

A few minutes later, we in line at The Forum. It wasn't even noon yet. We had only just started our adventure an hour earlier.

I skipped the Forum the last time I was in Rome. There just wasn't time. And there was too much good wine to drink (and then throw up).  But this time I even did an audio tour... And got the in-depth scoop on each piece...

It was hot and sunny out. But worth the 45 minutes we spent walking around the place.

Before going in search of lunch, we decided to hit the Altare Della Patria first...

A majestic building...

A few minutes later, we were sitting down to lunch... Having opted out of going inside the museum or walking up the stairs.

Three hours, three sites. We were happy with our progress. And after all, I am all about getting stuff done.