Rome: An Evening Walk.

I landed in Rome in the afternoon. I decided to take the train into the city, and then the subway from Termini, to Piazza de Spagna. My hotel was just a few minutes from the Spanish Steps.

It took me almost 2.5 hours from the time I landed to make my way to the hotel. Surprisingly, after getting checked in and unpacked, I was still very much in the mood to be apart of the energy in the Eternal City.

In fact, I couldn't wait to get out and walk around in it... Despite the long travel and the oppressive humidity and heat.

Throughout nearly all of my travels, I chose to stay in the "city center" of each location I visited. I like being close to things. I prefer not to have to take taxis or even public transportation. I want to see as much of a neighborhood and city as I can by foot. I don't want any little part escape me as I pass it.

And the Spanish Steps is a great are to be nearby.You're within walking distance (as far as I define it) to so many places. Plus, the views of the Steps and from the Steps are fantastic.

And the Via dei Condotti branches off of the Steps. This is one of the most fabulous shopping streets I have ever visited.

I love it because you have all of these great stores next to each other, but the street isn't that long.

All of the streets that branch form the piazza are charming...

I didn't just stay in this area though. I did walk around a bit. Eventually, I found myself on the other side of the Tiber, crossing a few bridges in my wandering path...

The Sun started to set. And I decided it was time to find some food...