Santorini: The Most Beautiful Food.

I  had great food in a number of cities on this leg of travel. I won't bore you with the details of where the worst food tended to be... (Because I believe in not giving attention to negative views.) But I will say that some of the most enjoyable food I had was in Santorini.

It was light, fresh, flavorful, and didn't feel like it was weighing me down.

One of my most favorite foods of all is watermelon. If I buy precut watermelon from the store, I have been known to pour the remaining juice out of the container and into a glass... To drink down. Great source of magnesium! And in Santorini, there was one restaurant that would give me a slice of watermelon at the end of my meal. HEAVEN!

One of my other favorite foods is cheese. Often, in Greece, they would ask me if I wanted bread with my cheese.

I would laugh.

I'm not a big fan of bread. If I'm going to eat some bread-type food... It's usually going to be something good, like pizza crust or a croissant.

But the cheese in Greece didn't bread.

... Especially when it was GRILLED!

This is halloumi. It's grilled and served with a tahini and honey sauce. It was perfect.

Also a "must-try" in Greece...

A Greek salad with a huge piece of feta. I could only eat half of the block that they gave me, though. It felt too indulgent. But the oregano and oil sprinkled on top of it was perfect. And the cucumbers and tomatoes... Excellent.

One thing I discovered about myself, when I ordered this pork souvlaki in Oia...

I love meat. And hate french fries.

Seriously... Prior to this trip to Europe, if someone ordered french fries, I'd help eat them. But I'd find them boring. Unless they were super crispy, though, I really can't stand them. I'm more about textures of foods than actual taste... And I realized in Santorini that french fries really aren't worth wasting my time eating. They're just too pedestrian. And food should always be either nutritious for you, or taste great. And french fries are pretty much neither.

The best thing I ate in all of Santorini, and drank - for that matter, was this picture...

It's Stravecchio cheese, honey, and a red wine from Santorini.

And all three were perfect!!! The red wine was just the "house red" from the restaurant. But it was fantastic. And local.

I couldn't leave Greece, though, with only tasting Greek wine.  I also tried a Greek beer...

It has a unicorn on it, people. A UNICORN!

This beer is MAGICAL!!!

It was very good. And the unicorn added to the label just makes it more whimsical.

My favorite meal of all, though, wasn't much of a meal. It was a morning "table meditation" with Greek coffee (black) and freshly made watermelon juice...

Consumed cliff side. Naturally.

It could potentially be that all this wonderful food I ate in Santorini was just beautiful because the view was so stunning. But that's okay if it was. I now have great memories of it all.