Santorini: Sailing To The Volcanic Caldera.

While the hike from Fira to Oia may be the best way to get the "high up" views of the caldera side of  Santorini... It's not the only way to capture some stunning views.

I also hopped aboard a semi-private catamaran for a sunset trek to various parts of the island.

The cruise, which included dinner, was also recommended to me by the hotel staff. They said that I would be picked up at the hotel, taken to the boat, and then sail to various points.

I got on the boat just after 4pm. And the view of the island from sea level was crisp and sparkling.

The first place we sailed to was the Red Beach.

Obviously named so because of the red sand.

Then we sailed around a curve... And came upon a huge limestone rock...

This was the marking for the White Beach. The only way to reach the White Beach is by boat.

You can take a water taxi there...

The White Beach has more of an "ash-colored" sand to it. There are massive rocks you have to step on throughout it. But it's fairly private. Not too many people will bother you there. Certainly no one trying to sell you stuff, like on typical beaches.

We sailed a little further from the white beach and dropped our anchor so that people could get out and snorkel.

I did not get off the boat.


Well, the view was pretty from the boat. And the Sun felt great, as I laid across the front netting reading my book. Also, as soon as the first person jumped into the water and screeched about how cold it was, I decided against it.

I'd only brought my cover-up dress and shorts to wear over my bathing suit. It was hot out, but windy. I knew that if I hopped in the water, I'd be cold for hours.

Not worth it.

But this cave sighting had me almost surrender to the idea...

We came across other catamarans. But mostly it was private sailboats.

Eventually we got to the tip, and passed the lighthouse.

Our Captain (Nick) told us that it was over 400 years old.

We came up towards the volcano, where we anchored again so that people could swim in the hot springs.

And this time I had intended to get out, since it was warm water. But as we were dropping anchor, one of the staff told me, "It's not actually very warm. It's warmer than other parts of the sea. But it's not really all that warm."

I stayed and read my book. A few women jumped in topless.

It's fun to live while on vacation!

After the dip, it was dinner time. The staff on board managed to create a really fantastic meal for us. Having been on other catamaran and boat cruises, I wasn't expecting much. In fact, I had learned long ago not to even bother drinking the alcohol on these types of adventures, because it was usually bad. So was the food. But not on this ship...

It was amazing.

Once dinner had ended, it was time to sail back. This positioned us in the perfect place to watch the Sun dance it's final dance for the day.

We watched it slowly make it's way down...

It bounced stunning light off of the sea...

It confirmed for me that Santorini is a magical place...

Those colors... And all the small sailboats....

Such a perfect view.

And then the Sun gives it's final long kiss goodnight...

And it was a good kiss...

Till it was done.

Another "must-do" adventure in Santorini.