The Seven In Seven: My Top Five Favorite Places.

I arrived back in the States a little over two weeks ago. I'm now settling back into a non-travel themed life, which - surprisingly - hasn't been too difficult. I think it's because the life I am settling into is very different than the one I had before I started this traveling. So it makes things still feel a bit new, even though I am not anticipating having to live out of a carry-on and get on a plane in a few days.

But the travel was fun. I visited places I had already been to, as well as a slew of new places. And now that it is all over, I do find myself with a few new favorites to combine with the old from the adventure.

5. Providenciales, Turks & Caicos.
This one will always be a favorite.

I think the color of the water has a lot to do with it. And the waves. They're not too powerful, because of the reef that surrounds the island.

The Sunshine is magnificent there. Laying on the beach...

The sand is like sugar.  I could hang out all day there. And did.  All the way to Sunset...

 Perfect. Not too crowded.

It's why I love the island so much, and have been going for eight years now. It's one of the things I will miss about the East coast.

Sitting on the beach and drinking a daiquiri...

It is one of the best things.

4. Rome, Italy.
This one will also be a favorite. This was my third trip there in 10 years. It a mixture of the food and all the old structures that keeps me infatuated with it.

The Pantheon.

St. Peter's Basilica.

St. Peter's Tomb.

Angel Castle.


My favorite thing... Access to proscuitto. Every day... Twice a day.


3. Santorini, Greece.
This place is beautiful. Heaven on Earth.

Hotels/apartments are built directly into the cliffside.

That allows you to overlook the volcano and the Sunsets.

And they are gorgeous Sunsets...

Especially when viewed from a catamaran.

Or from the cliffs, by the old churches.

The water, up close in daylight, is beautiful too though.

Along with the views and the heat, the food was heaven too.

Cheese. Wine. Honey. Best meal ever.

And the beer was tasty and mythical...

A unicorn!

2. Barcelona, Spain.
My bohemian motherland.

It's true... The work of Gaudi has a huge influence on why I love the city so much.  "Gothic and whimsical" is how I describe him...

His use of colors makes me happy.

And his way of taking advantage of light makes me fall in love with him.

It's so beautiful.

But you shouldn't forget that Barcelona is a beach town too. And feels a bit like San Diego to me...

I think many tourists from the States forget that it has beaches.  I loved both the business area of the city and the beaches.

It was lively, warm, and relaxing.

And, of course, beautiful to walk along at Sunset.

1. Iquitos, Peru.
Is anyone really surprised that this was my top spot?

It was an incredible digital detox on the edges of the Amazon jungle. It was quiet. It was peaceful.

There were all kinds of creatures. But it was beautiful. And collecting my thoughts was easy there...

As were the daily naps in the hammock...

I loved it so much that I am going back at the end of September for another week! This time, though, I am told there will be running hot water, rather than just cold. Not that I minded the cold-only water in the humid jungle.

I didn't mind it at all.

So, not surprising, my top spots all tended to be in warmer climates than those in which I have been living.