This Place Includes Everything... WiFi, Electricity, Furniture, Wine, Pets...

I rent the cottage side of a house here in Encinitas. I have a private yard and entrance attached to my place. It's quite nice, for now. (I only have it till the end of December.) The owners (a family with young adult sons) are very nice.

Out of everyone in the family, though, there is one person who is extremely friendly... And quite comfortable making themselves at home on my side of the fence...

His name is M&M.

He likes to crawl through the fencing, sit at my screen door, and meow till I open it. I then have to either come outside, or invite him inside.

He is quite persistent.

This morning, we played a little in the garden while I was meditating.

He likes it when I photograph him. He likes the sound.

Sometimes he gets in a "bitchy" mood, though. Like when I tell him to not use his claws when we play wrestle.

But it's probably my fault... I shouldn't be putting him in a choke hold. Or attempting to body slam him.

(I kid! I would never hurt an animal.)

In all seriousness, I was probably being too "Lennie" with him while petting him. And that's likely why I got scratched.

We're good now though. And having him around quells my desire to get a dog. But when I move into my own place...