Why Don't You... Make A Rustic Apple Tart?

As I start to re-enter the real world (after traveling for so long), I am in need of rebuilding my baking muscles.  

All this travel has done quite a bit for me in terms of inspiration for what I could be creating and cooking. And the wine retreat I was at June gave me inspiration for making a tart. And I was in the mood for an apple tart...

Apple tart... Very rustic and NOT PERFECT. Which means it's very good.

I recalled the recipe for making the crust from what I learned in Bordeaux. All I needed was an apple.

Apples... Cut all "French style."

...Or seven. All peeled and cut thinly.

They were gorgeous piled in the pan...

Apple tart baking.

I did use a lemon, a 1/4 cup of sugar, and two tablespoons of dark rum with the apples. I just poured them all on the cut apples and turned everything with my hands a few times. 

Then it all went into the tart shell (for which I used a 9-inch spring pan, as my mum didn't have a tart shell here in Arizona), and baked it for about an hour and fifteen minutes at 375 degrees.

I'm happy with how it turned out...

Mmm... Apple tart!

I like my pies and tarts very "rustic" looking. That way you know they are made from scratch. They're not perfect. I loathe perfect-looking confections. And anything, actually.

Perfection is boring.

Wouldn't you agree?