Why Don't You... Try Some Pink Martini?

I will always remember my first Pink Martini experience. It was so picturesque and amazing.

It was in Bordeaux, at the Bordeaux Wine Experience retreat. We were making the lunch with the food from the Farmers' Market that we had picked up... And we were slowly inching our way to "just beyond tipsy" with the wine while we cooked our feast.

Pink Martini was playing over the sound system.

I was immediately smitten. And I was the only one out of the entire group who had never heard of them before... And I was one of the youngest.

Clearly I had a lot to learn about wine and music on this tour.

It's the perfect music, I have found, to have on when you are cooking... Or entertaining... Or driving. Yes, I've downloaded every album they had available on iTunes.

My favorite song of all... (At least today, as it changes from day to day)... "Hey Eugene."

Though.. "But Now I Am Back" is a close second.

(Ignore the cheesy images in this video. It's ALL about the lyrics.)

Check them out! Become infatuated!