World Tour: The Best Things I Ate.

Seven continents... Many different foods to experience. Not all were great. But a few standouts were had and noted. I consider them "beautiful" for various reasons.

The chicken I ate for a few different meals while on the Shamanic Dieta at the Amazon jungle retreat. It remains to be the best chicken I've ever eaten, and it was so simple. Smoked. No seasoning. Freshly killed.

The various lunch "salads' we made and ate for lunch at the Bordeaux retreat. Beautifully "ugly" heirloom tomatoes that were made into a caprese salad... A vegetable terrine... And a roasted red pepper gazpacho. YUM!

Grilled holoume cheese with tahini and honey... And then dusted with mint. Beautiful food in Santorini!

The best croissant, combined with amazing coffee at the Barn Roaster coffee shop in the Mitte neighborhood of Berlin.

Lunch at Don Jamon Tapas Bar in Madrid. All my favorite things... Cheese and various kinds of pork.

This is called a "Chi Chi" in Bordeaux, procured from a farmers' market in a small village. But being Mexican, we know they are REALLY called "churros."

My favorite vineyard, Chateau Haute-Bailly... We had a wonderful feast lunch there. Ravioli with duck. It was paired with deliciously salty roasted chicken.

Again with Bordeaux... And something we made to eat. Peach tartes! 

Beautiful and savory ratatouille experienced at New York Cafe in Budapest.

A meditation over a strong cup of Turkish coffee in Istanbul. The cups are divine. And clearly, the coffee loves me back... As noted with it's heart.

Oh sweet holy hell... Cheese. Honey. Greek wine. LIFE HAS BEEN WON! Unsurprisingly, it happened in Santorini... Which we already knew to be Heaven.

Bucatini Alla Amatricana. In Rome.

More Rome pasta... Penne with a spicy Arrabiata sauce. (Be jealous. It's okay.)

One of the reasons I went to Rome... Proscuitto. A whole plate. All to myself. (Okay, I let Red have a few bites.)

Honey infused with strawberry essence in Lombok, Indonesia. Healthy. And tasted like candy. (So how healthy could it have been really?)

Chocolate pastry from the 10th Arrondissement in Paris. It was so worth the hike to the place. Delicate layers of dreaminess... And then chocolate in the middle!!!! 

A very special foodie birthday dinner for Bail.... Pressed lobster at the Grand Bordeaux Hotel in Bordeaux's city center. I don't normally eat lobster...But I do in Bordeaux.

I tried this based on referral from my Bail. Cheetos and champagne! Seriously... This needs to be on your "New Years Eve" celebration food list. IT IS PERFECTION! It's like when you mix a blouse and skirt from H&M with shoes from YSL... It just works. You can't explain why. It just does.

THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER! That is seriously how I felt. This omelet with cheese was my first meal after finishing the Shamanic Dieta at the Amazon retreat. Like everything at the retreat... It was perfect and transcendent.

This is a meal I made myself. From scratch. It's enchiladas. I made the sauce from scratch. I made it for dinner with an old friend that was a "date." The food was amazing. At least I thought so. And... Okay... He thought so too. But friends are supposed to tell you that.