World Tour: The Blue Ears That Got Around.

I've been all around the world at this point. And it's been amazing. And while I did most of it solo, there was one thing (besides my passport) that I brought with me and documented on every trip...

My blue ears.

My friend J, from high school, sent them to me after I got back from Antarctica. She didn't intend for them to come with me on my trips. She was just sending them to me for fun. But I saw it as a great way to document each location I was in as I made my trek. So in the carry-on they went for every trip. I only forgot them once, when I went to South Africa. 

Heather Molina in Boston.

This is me in my apartment in Boston, right after I received them.

Heather Molina in San Diego.

The first stop with them? The San Diego area, my new home. Specifically, Encinitas.

Heather Molina in the Amazon jungle.

The first exotic location they went to... The Amazon jungle. I did not wear them while drinking the ayahuasca tea with the shamans, though. I thought it my trip out the other guests.

Heather Molina in Singapore.

The Supertree Grove in Singapore.

Heather Molina in Bali.

The Monkey Forest in Bali!

Heather Molina in Lombok.

The beach in Lombok.

Heather Molina in Perth.

In Perth, at the zoo. Check out the awesome face on that tiger!

Heather Molina in the Turks and Caicos.

In the Turks and Caicos... On the gorgeous beach!

Heather Molina in London. Meh.

In London.

Heather Molina in Paris. Meh.

In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Third time to the city... Finally went up in the tower.

Heather Molina in Bordeaux.

In the square in Bordeaux's city center.

Heather Molina in Venice.

Off the Grand Canal in Venice.

Heather Molina in Florence.


Heather Molina in Cabo San Lucas.

In Cabo San Lucas!

Heather Molina in Amsterdam.

On my way to the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. 

Heather Molina in Berlin.

At Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

Heather Molina in Madrid.

In front of the arch in Madrid.

Heather Molina in Barcelona.

At one of my favorite places... La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Heather Molina in Geneva.

On the fancy shopping streets in Geneva.

Heather Molina in Prague.

Off the Charles Bridge in Prague!

Heather Molina in Vienna.

In front of the Parliament building in Vienna.

Heather Molina in Budapest.

In front of Parliament in Budapest.

Heather Molina in Istanbul.

Outside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Heather Molina in Santorini.

In the town of Oia, on Santorini island in Greece.

Heather Molina in Rome.

My final destination! Rome!

And a few of me in the other destinations, where I would have been wearing them if I'd had them.

Heather Molina in Iceland.

After swimming in the thermal pools in Akureyri, Iceland. Just outside the Arctic Circle.

On the train to NYC, in early December.

Heather Molina in Ushuaia.

In Ushuaia, Argentina. The very most southern point in the world, besides Antarctica. It was summertime there... But still in the low 50s.

Heather Molina in Antarctica.

New Year's Eve, celebrating on the ship to Antarctica. We were somewhere in the Drake Passage. This was just before midnight.

Heather Molina in Cape Town.

And South Africa! I forgot to bring them with me to Cape Town. This is me after having cage-dived with sharks. EXCITING!