Alexis Carrington Does Not Live Here.

It wasn't until today, as I stopped by my new place to pick up the mail at lunch, that I decided to finally press the doorbell for my place.  I never thought to ring it till today.

Check out what I discovered...

Um... Seriously? Yes. This shiz will have to change.

While I never met the previous owner of my place... She certainly has refined taste. What kind of refined taste? Well... She liked to collect a lot of nice things that I don't think really had a purpose.  There were moments when I walked through the place during the inspection in which I felt like I was in an Aaron Spelling nighttime soap opera like "Dynasty" or "Knots Landing."

And this doorbell is just another example of this.

Between the doorbell and the collection of Cache catalogs that keep showing up in the mailbox, you can understand why I am gutting the place. Yes?

This is a bohemian space! Not the home of someone channeling Alexis Carrington!