Ayahuasca + Psychedelics + Glowsticks = Awesome Beef & Pasta.

I woke up Friday morning (with greasy hair) and decided to make a small roast for myself to consume over the weekend.

I piled a chopped leek and carrot in the bottom of the vintage Crock-Pot I have here in my rental. Then I placed a small one pound roast on top of it, and poured enough beef broth in to cover it. This was at about 8am, knowing I wasn't going to eat dinner till about 6pm.

I went about my day... Getting lost in the rabbit hole that is work. And didn't come back up for air till about 5:30pm.

"I should go over to the new house and check the mail and take some measurements," I decided.

So I hopped in my car and drove the 10 minutes, with the intention of only having a brief stay. But it quickly turned into a rabbit hole itself of talks of ayahuasca and psychedelics, and playing with glowsticks in the dark. Oh, and drinking wine.


Sounds like a scandalous evening, doesn't it? As though I was hanging out at some rave or rolling party...


It was a totally an innocent evening.

When I drove up to my house, it seemed that a neighborhood lawn gathering had randomly popped in front of my neighbor's house.

"Are you Heather?" one asked. It was a gathering of gorgeous mums, and their kids all running around.

I said that I was and walked over.

I'm sure we all intended to have it be just a nice quick chat to get familiar with faces. But soon introductions to kids happened. Skateboards and bikes came out. Wine was poured. Lawn chairs were set out. And people in the neighborhood kept popping by and staying.

It felt like the early 1980s America!

There were talks about yoga studios in the neighborhood... The gossip of the history of my house and it's random previous tenants (Good thing I am renovating and burned a ton of sage... that place needs to be turned out!)... Sharing of my travels... A child handed me one of the glowsticks that were being passed around to everyone.

I eventually ended up in a deep conversation with a few people (one of the husbands - a therapist of some kind) about my experience with ayahuasca. That set us off on a path of psychedelics... Books about Shamanism... And the sort.

It was great!

Before I knew it, 9:30pm had happened upon us. And I had to leave. But it was so fun.

I got home to a very well-cooked pot roast. I wasn't much in the mood for food. So I pulled it out and put it in a storage container. But it was so tender, it fell apart just picking it up.

"This is going to be fantastic!" I said.

I decided, since it was so tender and well-cooked, that I would turn it into a "sauce" of sorts to put over ravioli.

I took cooked ravioli, chopped the meat and heated it up, a 1/4 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil, and some shaved Parmesean... And just piled it into a bowl.

So excellent! And easy!

I have quite a bit of the meat left over... Which means it will be going in an omelet, and probably tacos, in the next day.

Because it was cooked for so long and so tender, it will go further for me in dishes. The slow cooker is one of the best things in the world.