Dream: Hummingbirds = Silly Ideas.

Since my ayahuasca retreat in the jungle back in January, I've had some incredibly vivid and colorful dreams. Naturally, I "blame" this on my pineal gland being opened up as a result of the nightly ceremonies... And consider it a very good thing.

Hummingbird I photographed feeding in the gardens of a vineyard in Bordeaux, France in June.

The dreams I've had are never bad. Truthfully (knock on wood), I can't recall having had a bad dream in a long time. Decades at this point. But my dreams in the past few months always wake me up in the middle of the night, and make me laugh. Because they are so absurd.

Last night's dream found me waking up at about 3am and thinking, "What the hell was that about?"

In the dream...

I am talking to someone. I can't recall whom. But it's in a room that is sunny and warm. 
As I am starting to talk, I feel something fly out of my mouth. It is a hummingbird. I find it odd, but just assume the bird was buzzing past my mouth as I spoke.   
Then, as I start to speak again, another one buzzes out of my mouth. I can feel its wings buzz past my teeth. I try to explain to the person I am speaking to that I have no idea what is going on at the moment... But another one buzzes out of my mouth. And another one. And another one.  
I feel one get it's wings stuck in two of my top front teeth as it tries to fly out of my mouth. It breaks free. 
"I'm giving birth to these hummingbirds from my mouth!" I say.

And then I wake up. Confused, obviously, about what my subconscious was trying to tell me.

The dream dictionaries all online indicate that hummingbirds can represent ideas small ideas that are valid and powerful. The mouth represents the need to express oneself.


Okay, subconscious... I'll get motivated on those silly ideas swirling in and out of my mind.