Encinitas: Where Even Your Contractor Is A Certified Yoga Teacher.

Seriously, people. This small beach town in the North Country of San Diego is infested with yoga teachers. We're everywhere.

In case you haven't read previous posts... I'll key you in to where I am at in life: I decided to buy a house here in Encinitas. And with the exception of a few documents I had to sign for escrow, the whole thing has pretty much been done on my iPhone. (No joke.)

And because the whole process was so easy, I started to (jokingly) worry that I may not have actually bought a house. But as of today, which was when the home inspection took place, I can confirm that not only did I buy a house... But I bought a fantastic house. One with no issues. (Just a few small ones.) And one that is most likely going to be mine as of August 18th.

Seriously. In 10 days I will be a homeowner.

And while I was having the home inspector do his thing this afternoon, I decided to have a contractor (who I found as a referral from someone else using him) come over and evaluate the space for me. I have a distinct vision of what I want the place to be. (No surprise there. I am a very decisive person.) And I really just need someone's help executing the whole production. It's not going to be cheap, but I was expecting that.

So as we were discussing all of the major things I want done in each room, I mentioned that I had at one point considered having a room turned into my own private Bikram studio. Not one for public use. Just one that I could practice in myself at home, since I am a "certified instructor."

"Me too!" said my contractor. He doesn't teach Bikram. But he is certified to teach a form of Hatha yoga. So is his wife.

Yoga teachers... You can't do Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon pose) without bumping into one in this area.

That made me feel really good about choosing him as the contractor. It's going to take a few months to do all of the work. But since I am contractually obligated on this rental of mine till the end of December, it works out very well.

So I know you're wondering... What all am I going to have done?

Everything. Every room will be touched. Both patios will be touched. As will the garage.  So much, that it requires it's own separate post. So stay tuned... But the Before & After pictures as I go through this process will be amazing.