How To Poach An Egg.

It took me many years to finally be successful at poaching an egg. 

I read many tips and "how-to" pieces online. I tried putting vinegar in the water. I tried using various sizes of pans. I even tried using special dunking baskets you can find at places like Sur La Table and Crate & Barrel.

But none of that was needed. It's very simple to poach an egg. And all you really need is trust in yourself. Oh, and the following...

Eggs. Obviously. I prefer brown ones, because they don't cost any more than white ones. And they are just prettier. (Yes, I am an egg snob. I judge eggs.)

A slotted spoon is a wise idea. And in my rental, I am grateful there is one. I actually don't own one in my kitchen arsenal that is packed away in storage right now. But I will be procuring one after I move in and unpack.

A pot/pan that is filled with about four inches of water. The pot doesn't have to be big, as I cook each egg one at a time.  I turn the flame/temperature up to the mid-way point (so a "5" on this electric stove or "Medium" on a gas stove) and bring the water to a gentle bubble/simmer. 

Here's a video of what that should look like...

See... Nice and gentle bubbles.

You also need a tea cup. This one is Corelle from the 1970s. It is completely nostalgic for me, as my parents had this same exact pattern in our house. I loved discovering this pattern in here when I moved in a few months ago.

You should also have a plate with two layers of paper towel on it. This is where the eggs will rest and drain after you cook each one.

First step, once the water is at that "gentle bubble" state, is to crack one egg into the cup...

Then take the cup, hold the opening of it close to the side of the pot.

Slowly submerge the cup into the water, allowing the water to pour in and the egg to stay in the cup.

After a few seconds, allow the egg to slide out into the water. Then go crack another egg into the cup as prep, but don't put it into the water. Remember, we want each egg to get it's own "bubble bath".

You're going to let the egg cook in the water for about two minutes. It doesn't have to be precise. But make it a "heavy" two minutes... Meaning: Make sure it cooks for at least two minutes. It's fine if it's closer to three.

Meanwhile, enjoy an epic cup of coffee while you wait...

My really foul cup is in the dishwasher. So the Britney Bitch one is my company this morning.

You'll notice the egg looking like this at the "heavy two minute mark."

You may be scared to take it out. You may be thinking, "It's not done! It needs more time." But you are probably very incorrect. It will continue to cook from residual heat once you take it out. So don't worry. (This is the part that requires TRUST!)

Use the slotted spoon to fish it out, letting the water spill off as you pull it out.

Place it on the plate with the paper towel. Take a sip of coffee. Then cook the other eggs, one at a time, using the same method.

Poached eggs are gorgeous and are yummy. This morning, I served them like this...

With the last of my Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad and an avocado.

And I enjoyed a back issue of CR Book that I ordered.