I Finally Get To Use All Those Pinterest Boards I Created!

Tomorrow is the day... The little townhouse condo in the Village Park neighborhood of Encinitas is mine!

Note to self: Get rid of that awful pink flowering bush-tree thingy. It is bad Feng Shui. And an eyesore.

All of the items I requested be addressed with the property prior to my taking possession have been completed. So there is a new garage door that's been installed. And all of the appliances in the place have been hauled off to wherever the previous owner wanted to send them. (Hoping donated.)

I spent a few minutes this afternoon walking through the place to make sure everything was done. And I was surprised by how much bigger the place looks with the previous owner's things gone.

The place felt spacious!


I decided that I want to hire a photographer to shoot a "Before" and an "After" on the place.  Just to have them. And if I ever decide the place, it would be nice to have them.

One thing I am thinking of asking be kept in tact - as it will be tucked behind a refrigerator - is this...

Paint from an earlier era of the kitchen... FRUIT!  The place was built in 1972. So this could date to back then. But it's charming.

I'm excited!

Prepare yourselves for tons of pictures as this remodel gets kicked off!  I take possession about noon tomorrow. And my contractor and I meet at 4:30pm to discuss kicking off the three-month overhaul.