I'm A Fan Of Irreverence.

It's not at all that I am disrespectful. In fact, I am usually cast as the "teacher's pet" or "boss's favorite" in many cases. Always eager to be efficient and deliver on goals.

But I don't typically do it in the manner peers may see as the  "agreed upon method of conduct." No. I have opinions. Usually well-researched ones. And I am one who is excellent at life evolution, adapting to change quite easily. In fact, I thrive on it. But for some, again - usually peers (or an ex-husband), this is seen as "being different just to go against the customary way of doing things."

Some call it "irreverent." I usually call it "being cheeky."

And yes, typically I am being irreverent for that reason...  Or that's part of it. But also because one view... One way... One method of doing something doesn't work all of the time. It can be boring. It can drain you mentally. It can bore you.

And boredom is the opposite of happiness.

One of the things that I finally got to experience that makes me very happy?

Irreverent, by Carine Roitfeld.

I had been craving this massive book for a few years... Searching for it in book stores, only ever seeing it online.

I decided to add it to my "wish list" for my family to gift it to me on a birthday. And despite it's high sticker price (but well worth it), my brother and his wife gave it to me for my most recent annual. And I love it.

It's a collection of thoughts, personal pictures, and some of the favorite magazine spreads Roitfeld produced in her career.

Here is an example of her love of the Disney Mice...

A personal photo on the left... And from a spread on the right.

And the Russian queen herself...

One of the things she is most proud of (which you pick up on when you watch Mademoiselle C) is her background. Lives in Paris. Of Russian descent.

A youthful shot of her...

I wish I'd have had the cajones to wear something like this when I was in late teens/early 20s. I would have worn the socks and my hair like that... But the shorts and top would have exposed too much for me.

And I could not agree more on this sentiment...

I absolutely hate mule shoes. Mostly because they are impossible to wear on your feet without flopping off or clomping around. Clogs I love. And I wore them in the early 90s quite a bit. But mules? Especially the little kitten heeled ones? Ugh. And I speak from experience, as I wore a pair to work for most of 2001.

And this...

I mean... Everyone knows Dali is one of my favorite people of all. I think you're insane if you tell me you don't at least find his visions pulling you in deeply.

And Roitfeld has a flare for the gothic...

Not the typical way you are used to seeing bridal fashion, eh?

Pulling out the stops... Exploring the absurdity... Giving the finger to the typical formula of anything in life... And STILL being very successful and (above all else, most importantly) happy?

Life = Won.