In My Spare Thoughts: Dior & Old Navy.

I close on my house at the end of this month.


Insane how quickly life changes.

I was telling a friend last week ll about the purchase process for me, and how it was me doing what I seem to do best when unencumbered... Be decisive.

"I seem to be pretty good at making decisions to get things done," I said. "I walked into the place, saw the light it gets - which is something I was starved for for a long time - and committed to it right then."

"Yeah," they said. "I thought you were just going to rent a place. What if you have to sell it in two years?"

I told them I wasn't putting my life on hold and renting a place for two years in the event that something significant requires me to not live in the place.

"I spent a great deal of the past 14 years putting my life 'on hold' in places. I never got to make my Toronto home reflective of me. I was too focused on trying to please someone else and the image they wanted to project. 

I know I have good taste. I questioned it for a long time. But the Boston place was reflective of my ability to put a place together. I can't imagine living some place - even if it's only for two years - that gets poor light. I need to be able to paint rooms. I need to be able to plant things. And do what I need to do creatively. If I end up having to move and lose money on the place, so be it."

They understood after that. And agreed that it made sense.

You can't put your life on hold for the "what if." Or, at least, I can't. I've learned that lesson.

So now, spare moments I collect have me researching energy efficient appliances and paint colors online. As well as giving thoughts to finding a contractor with an efficient record who has worked with the HOA of my neighborhood.

I already know two colors I will be using in the place...

Old Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Dior Gray by Benjamin Moore.

I have been dreaming of these colors for YEARS now. The gray is going in the kitchen. The navy will be used in the entry way, living room and dining room.  Both areas of the house get great light. Especially the kitchen and entry way.

Why waste good light?

Color! Bounce it off of color!

I can't wait to get started.