It's A 'Woman Gym'... But It's The Toughest Training I've Done.

"You're going to your 'woman gym?'"

This was from a guy I've started dating (yes, I've started dating - and no, we won't be discussing it here). He's a busy guy with a serious job, and doesn't get much time to work out. But yet, he finds time to do some seriously epic things... Like bike 40 miles on a Saturday morning after not having worked out all week. And then running 10 miles the next day, after getting up at 6am (on a Sunday) to lift at his gym. He also does triathlons. TRIATHLONS, PEOPLE!

I don't even know how to really swim. (I'm buoyant. I float.)

Anyway... We were having dinner one Friday night, discussing what we each had to do the next day, before getting together in the evening. I had mentioned I was going to go to the gym and work out. He took that as an opportunity to find humor in where I go.

I smiled. And then clued him in on how legit the place is...

"Yes. It's a woman gym. It's mostly housewives and Yummy Mummies. But I like it. They're all in the classes, getting their asses kicked - by the way. And that means all of the machines and weights on the floor are free for me to use. Plus, it's clean! The place is spotless! Why would I go to something like a 24-hour Fitness where it's crowded?"

He agreed. But he still found it cute.

He wouldn't think it was cute, though, if he knew how much my trainer has been kicking my ass.

She is a 20-something Southern California native. She took one look at me and knew exactly what to do with me.

"I like training you," she said. "I can show you something, and you pick up the form very easily."

(All of those years of cheerleading and having to learn new routines paid off! A skill!)

The best things about training with her:

  • She's punctual. (You'd be surprised how this really isn't a regular  "thing" here.)
  • She incorporates cardio into my session by making me do cardio bursts on the treadmill or elliptical.
  • We use the weights, Bosu and bands quite a bit. Not the weight machines.
  • She's big on me using my body weight to do exercises.

The last one we focused on quite a bit this morning. She pulled out this rope contraption called the TRX. It's for suspension training. So it's a lot of core work and using your own body for resistance. We used it the whole time, never once repeating any of the exercises on it.

At one point, my feet were in it, and I was planking on the floor. I would then "pike" (lifting my butt in the air) and then come back down to a plank. The fact that I could do that amazed me.

I know I am going to feel it tomorrow.  Right in the abs. And probably the arms. And most likely the ass.

While I have trained with some phenomenal trainers over the past seven years, this one is easy-going. I think it's the California attitude. It feels fun to be active.