My place. All Mine.

It's looking like I will be closing on my new place in just about two weeks.  


I'm pleased, though. Very pleased. Just a few more items to check off before it can be transferred to me. But I went over there this morning and snapped this photo...

It's an attached townhouse. And one of the first things I'll be doing is removing that big pink bush in front. It's bad Feng Shui to be blocking the door like that. The current owner has already requested a replacement garage door. I like that the place has a covered parking spot and two driveway spots. This makes it easier to have people stay with me!

I head over later this week to inspect the place. I'll be taking pictures of the inside when I do that. This weekend I head to Phoenix for a week. And it looks like when I come back, I'll be in possession of the place!