Rain & Wine.

It's raining in San Diego. It very rarely rains here, which is part of the reason I moved here. But the occasional drop is good... Seeing as California is in a very bad drought and all.

This means, though, that I will be staying inside for the rest of the day. Which is good, because I have some things I want to get done. So the tears of from the sky are a good thing. And, since I will be staying in and not driving, it gives me an excuse to open one of my bottle of wine from the first Bordeaux visit in April.

A yummy Merlot from 2009. 

I was going to wait until I moved into my new place in a few months before opening it. But I decided that this particular vintage had probably had the chance to settle enough from the move. So I felt good about opening it.

What a lovely color. Yes? Dark, plummy.

So pretty.

Even prettier in the glass...

I will definitely be enjoying this bottle for the rest of the week... Which is how long it will likely take me to finish it.

Though, if this rain keeps up...

I may get through it all in two days.