Remodel: Floors, Walls & A Wine Fridge.

This remodel will take a few months to complete. The place is lovely as it is... But I want to make this a really fantastically "Heather" place.

Because... You know... It's me living there.

I am still traumatized by the last place I owned in Toronto.

A gorgeous place. But in hindsight... Way too large. And I had to fight with my ex just to be allowed to paint two rooms. PAINT! I wanted to repaint a few rooms. But he was paranoid about changing anything. So the place ended up reeking of the previous owners, who had lovely taste... But was not reflective of us as a couple. I ended up decorating the place for the way it was... Rather than for our tastes, simply because he didn't want to paint rooms or change the carpet on the stairs. So I did insane things... Like buy cream-colored couches.


I never sat on them. I can't. Dirt trails me. I need colors.

So this time around, I am making it a priority to do this place in a way that reflects my style... Which I don't really know how to describe... Other than "contemporary."

So, again, the space I am moving into is lovely. But there are many things I am changing... Starting with the floors.

A beautiful dark-stained oak staircase takes you from the first floor to the second. I love the color of it. And the entire place is going to have it. The carpets in the bedrooms and the white tile that spans the living, bathroom and kitchen downstairs... All going. Being replaced with a complementary-stained wood.

And the entire place is painted in a warm taupe-brown color.  That is going to be changed as well.

It's a lovely neutral. But the place gets amazing light. So I want to play with some darker colors. Upstairs in the hallway will probably be a blue-grey color and white.

Downstairs, in the dining and living areas...

Will be "Mysterious" by Benjamin Moore.

In addition to colors and floors... I am having the contractor gut a closet and turn it into open shelving with a space for china, vases and a wine fridge.


This is going to be quite an experience!