Treasures From Istanbul.

It was hot and humid. My feet were sore, but I was curious and unsettled in my search for tangible memories to bring home. 

Walking the streets of Istanbul requires adequate rest. At least for me it did. The heat, the people, the dust, the noise... It was a lovely but energy-draining mix. And after hours of walking around the Old Town part of the city, as well as the Grand Bazaar, I found a lovely mix of well-priced treasures on the same street as my hotel. The shop I procured them in took great care in packing them and shipping them to me in the States. I finally brought them back from Arizona this weekend and unpacked a few of the items...

This I bought for daily use. The ceramic tray with matching mini vessels.

Typically, it is used for serving Turkish coffee along with some sweets and a shot of water. I use it for an afternoon snack of nuts and espresso. The red and gold colors are a nice pick-me-up in addition to the Kazaar Nespresso pod with which I fill it.

This is meant to be a trivet. But I will use it as a wine bottle coaster.

I am now wishing that I had bought more of these...

It's tile. I just bought one. I will probably use it as a display plate or trivet.

And there is my big bowl...

This was the most expensive piece I bought, next to the chandelier (which I did not unpack yet). It cost me about $30 USD. It's worth it. I am so glad it made it in one piece. I will have so many uses for it, and it is "food safe."

Given how easy it was to purchase this stuff, and how well it was packed and shipped, I find myself wishing I had bought so much more. Let that be a lesson to those of you who plan to visit Istanbul in the future:


And I highly recommend visiting the Tuncer Gift Shop, where I bought my stuff.