What Color Would You Paint Against This?

"I'm a decisive person."

I say this all the time. And it typically holds true. But I have found myself stuck in a space where I can't seem  to think clearly about a decision I have to make.

My issue?

I have no idea what color to paint walls to go with this carpet...

Big thanks to Newman, my ex, for sending e a picture of the carpet. When we split, we each took one of the paired large carpets from our formal living room. They were initially designed to go in a room with golden yellow walls and cream-colored furniture. But seeing as most of our house in Toronto had yellow walls, I have no desire to paint walls that color ever again.

So now, I have no idea what color to paint the walls of the guest room, which is where this carpet will live.

This is the room it will be going in at the new place...

As you can see, it gets great light. Imagine the carpet gone, and in place light hard wood. The crown molding and base molding will stay white. That ceiling fan will be gone. (It has spaceships on it - anyone want it?)

I am only using Benjamin Moore paints for this remodel. And looking at the Color Gallery, I am overwhelmed and lost.

Thoughts? I am open to suggestions!