Being Organized & Being Curious. And Picking My Ass Up.

I was never, ever, ever, ever, in a gazillion-trillion-booze-illian years ever an academic.


When I tell people that, they often think I am joking.

"You were SO book smart! You are so Type A!" they say to me.

Type A? Absolutely. For the most part.

But when it came to school, whether it be college prep or university itself... Quite frankly, I had better things to do with my mind.


I know. I know. Much to the disappointment to my family, I was always a very low B student. And honestly, that may be being "generous."

For me, my mind was more preoccupied with the real world. Practical applications. Getting in and learning to do what I was curious about at a given moment. I had a strict philosophy that got me through middle/high school and university...

"I'll diligently attend class and have superior attendance. I'll pay attention in class and take notes. I will do the tangible homework due for the class. If I naturally take to the material, GREAT! If not, OH WELL. But I am not going study any additional amount beyond that."

And very rarely did I.

But I had no aim or desire or goal to ever be a Straight-A academically-driven person.  Many people in my family certainly are, no doubt. But I decided that "Average", when it came to academics, was going to be perfectly fine.

I mean, "Average" by definition means that you are achieving what most have a common knowledge /effort of. There's nothing wrong with being "Average". Most of us are "Average". What's wrong with "Average"?

Many will disagree with me.

But, it's not that I was unintelligent. Most would try to classify my efforts as "lazy." But truly, I was not. I just didn't want to pretend to care more than I did. If I was truly into something, you saw the passion and dedication, 100% and more. If I wasn't into it, you saw the "Average" effort put forward.

I don't ever fake my enthusiasm or happiness with something. Not in my work. Not in hobbies. Not in my relationships.

What I have allowed to drive me forward in life, however, are three things:

  • Being Organized
  • Being Curious
  • Loving to Fail

Okay. Maybe that last one is too "hopeful." Perhaps it should be, "Not Minding Failure, As Long As I Pick My Ass Back Off The Ground Right Away."

So, I guess I should rewrite that list...

  • Being Organized
  • Being Curious
  • Picking My Ass Back Up

Seriously, though... These things are what keep me happy and always moving on in life. If I try something and fail at it, no big deal. Something else will come along and capture my passion and interest.

I think it is important to have as many experiences and adventures as possible in life.

Routine is nice. Being disciplined is good. But living a life without exploring curiosity would make me want to kill myself. And being organized is the only way I've managed to safely feed my curiosity.

 And always being ready to not wallow for long (because I used to wallow on various things a long time) and pick myself up gets me ready for the next adventure on my path.