Better Pack An Umbrella.

The next week will have me coasting through three different cities... Encinitas, Phoenix... And Iquitos.

Yes... I am headed back to the Amazon jungle in less than seven days. And that, naturally, means I have already started to pack for the trip. And it looks like I need to make sure I pack an umbrella this time...

Last time I was there (January - Summertime), I brought a raincoat. But I never used it. It really only rained the morning of the day I was flying back to the States. (And that one night during the ceremony, which was so epic.) It will be just as hot this time... So I don't want to pack the coat. Just an umbrella for me!

I can't believe it's almost here! A whole week disconnected from my typical world... Just what I need!

And I am looking forward to sitting inside the ceremony hut, and listening to the rain.  Either reading during the day time... Or at night during the ceremony.... It will be peaceful and cleansing.