Demolition Day Has Arrived!

Demolition Day for my house renovation arrived with quite an exciting bang for me.

I ran over to the house first thing this morning, right after the gym, to make sure I grabbed my blue print from the kitchen counter where I had left them.

When I got back t my rental, my contractor emailed to tell me the permits for my new bathroom installation were approved.

"WHAT?!?!?!" I screeched back in email form to him. "But you said they would take four weeks to  approve!"

He said that is what he typically plans for, because the city usually wants changes. But with this, they approved it as is. And in less than a week! So that means that as soon as they finish the demo work, they can start on everything else.


I decided to head back over at lunch time to see what had gotten done. I wasn't expecting much. They would have only been at it for three hours.

Everyone was gone when I walked through my front door. They were clearly at lunch. The downstairs didn't look too crazy. It was dusty. And that had spray painted the areas they knew to demo...

I was pleased with this progress alone.

But then I walked up the stairs. And saw this...

The wall to my walk-in closet was gutted!

And carpet ripped off the floors!

Even in my office....

And in the guest room...

You could see through to the master suite bathroom...

They even gutted the two bedroom closets and hallway closet where the new bathroom will be going.

I was very pleased. 

I returned a few hours later and saw they had made even more progress...

There was much more upstairs too!


I hope this goes even more quickly and that I can be in there before Thanksgiving.  Fingers crossed!