Dream: Crying Baby & Unhelpful Flight Attendants.

I can tell when I am stressed over work. My nocturnal activity is great at providing me easy insight into how much work is on my mind, and how silly I can be about it.
Just the other night I had the following dream...

I was on a plane. I'm not sure where we were flying, but I was in my seat, minding my own business. I hear a child crying. A baby. Pretty aggressively. The baby appears to be on its own, and the flight attendants aren't paying attention to her. 
I get up out of my seat, calling to the attendants. They seem too occupied with what they were doing. I didn't understand it. I went to the child and tried to console her... But she was not having it. No matter what I tried to do, she did not want to be happy or at least stop crying.

I woke up momentarily feeling it was so real. Confused as to why I could not fix the problem for the child.

Babies represent projects, goals or dreams. Though, they can also represent the self. Airplanes can symbolize an idea that is lifting off and getting going. Flight attendants can represent the help you need on a project.

See? So clear what is on my mind... And my dreams are calling out my feelings.