Friday Can't Come Fast Enough.

Yes. I am excited for Friday. I pre-ordered the new iPhone - an iPhone 6 Plus... And am anxious to have the new technology at my fingertips.

But I've had a few close calls/scares in the past few days, since ordering it... And am now REALLY anxious for Friday to arrive.

The first scare was Friday, at the hotel in San Diego.  I'd just arrived, and walked into the lobby. I was waiting to check in at the desk. I took out my phone to check my work emails, and the phone flipped out of my hand onto the marble tiled floor.

No big deal.  I'd dropped my phone dozens of times in the past two years. The Speck case I'd bought to put around it more than protected it well. This time, though, it knocked it out.

"Oh shit!" I said, out loud, trying to turn it back on again. I tried repeatedly to revive it via "iPhone CPR" (holding the home button and top button down at the same time), but it didn't work.

I immediately got on my laptop and emailed everyone I knew that my phone was dead, and that the best way to get a hold of me until Friday, the 19th, would be by email or instant message. Which, to be honest, is the fastest way to get a hold of me anyways.

My co-worker/friend who I was with said that, "Maybe the ghost did it." I figured it was just the Universe telling me to disconnect for a little while. But still, I found myself repeatedly freaking out and pressing the buttons down to revive it.

I even beat it on the ground a few times. I once had a teacher in university swear to me that the best way to get technology to work, if it was being difficult, was to beat it and shake it.

Eventually, after I'd given up hope, I saw the white Apple logo appear on the black screen.


I was grateful... But remained wary for a few of how delicate this thing was. Until this morning.

I was completely in my own world... I'd just finished up at the gym, dropped off my dry cleaning, and was on my way into the grocery store to pick up some beef stock when... I dropped my phone on the pavement of the parking lot.

I picked it up, turned it over, and saw this...

In the five years of owning an iPhone, and six years of owning an iTouch... I've never cracked a screen.

It still works. Perfectly (knock on wood). But I am going to be even more protective of this thing until Friday afternoon.