Getting Ready For The Demolition.

The day is almost here... DEMOLITION DAY!

Tomorrow the demo team arrives at my new place to begin ripping apart the following:
  • Floors
  • Carpet
  • Cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Patio
  • Planter Beds
  • Ceiling Fans

A lot, I know. But the finished product will be fantastic.  The hope is that it is ready by December. Fingers crossed. The big hold up will be the submission of the drafts to the City of Encinitas. Since I am adding a bathroom upstairs, I have to get approval on the plans. So we can demo... And start to do some of the work... But we will need the approval in order to add the second bathroom. Which we will get. It's just the City sometimes moves slowly in approving things.

Speaking of drafts...

This is the "Before" plan of the second floor. Three bedrooms, one bathroom.

And here is the draft of the "After"...

A much bigger master bathroom... A bigger walk-in closet and master suite storage... We're eliminating the massive closets in each of the big bedrooms, as well as the hallway closet, to add the second bathroom.

This involves taking down walls... Moving walls... Adding new fixtures... Moving the air shaft... Adding a closets...

Lots of work.