I Have Daryl Dixon Back From Rehab.

Two years ago, after going on and on for many years about how it had always been a dream of mine to learn how to play one, I finally found myself in possession of one of these...

A 5-string banjo by Recording King. I named him "Daryl Dixon", from my favorite character on The Walking Dead."

But Daryl needed some work, especially after collecting dust on living room floor. I never learned to play him, as trying to find a teacher close to me proved to be very difficult.

But now that I am in San Diego's North County, and have access to a vehicle, I was able to find a place nearby to rehab my Daryl... And I was able to find a proper teacher.


I picked Daryl up from rehab today. And I have my first lesson next Thursday at 6pm.

I am ready to roll some fingers across the strings!