Jungle Digital Detox: Leaving To Purge.

I'm all packed up.

My carry-on Osprey pack and an Hermes Evelyne Satchel bag. 

This lady is ready to head back to the jungle this evening for a week-long digital detox. And it is coming at a much needed time.

See, the busy pace that I promised I would be leaving behind on the East Coast has crept back into my life. And it is absolutely 100% my responsibility and fault... If you could even call it that.

I'm not nearly as bad as I was though. I take time for myself. Much more than I used to. But it's still not enough. Between work and the house remodel, my days are pretty packed as it is. Then attempting to layer on yoga, the gym, banjo lessons, a relationship... Oh! And friends and family... It all barely fits right now. I can get it done. But the pace I move at in order to get it all done is intense. And the past few days, leading up to my departure this evening, have shown me that.

So, as I prepare to set a goal for this jungle excursion... Working with the Shamans in the Amazon jungle, I am preparing to spend my pensive week focused on knowing that I can get everything done and that the feeling of anxiety is unnecessary. That I don't have to struggle to feel present at each thing I set out to do, but rather, that the presence just is

As I mentioned, this is largely my fault, that the feeling of anxiety has set back in a little. It's because I have a few bits of external energy (code: people) that themselves are anxious. And though most people tell me I am a calming influence, it sucks a lot of energy out of me to push that calmness out of me and extend it to those interacting with me.

Some people like to live in a world of feeling chaotic. And it drains all of those around them.

So my takeaway is that this week will be all about purging the anxiety around adjusting to the pace of life.

So yes.. I expect purging.