New Doorways.

It is a momentous time in my life... Just as I am about to leave for a digital detox in the Amazon jungle - where I will walk through new doorways in life - I have new doorways in my home... In spaces that you would not expect.

I now have the doorway leading from my master bedroom to the bathroom and walk-in closet.

it's a much, much better use of the space. I was able to expand and reshape the closet... And I'll be able to bring in a double vanity, as well as proper storage.

The new bathroom now has it's doorway too...

It very much helps me experience how it will all feel. And it reaffirms that gut feeling I had that there was so much wasted space in the place.

I am hoping that when I come back from Iquitos a week from Sunday that there will be dramatic changes in my life... In my mental living space and my physical living space.

I can't wait to see unfolds over the next week in my life.