Poor Design.

I have been dreaming about having a home that I am able to have be specific to my own tastes usability.

Having lived in a few dwellings over the past 14 years, as well as traveled to many countries... I have a pretty good sense of both my taste and how I use things. And I also have a sense of what is just poor design, and not efficient.


And when I see it, it makes me cringe. Just like it has this weekend.

See, I am spending the weekend at a resort in Scottsdale. I am working from Phoenix this week, and wanted to treat myself to a nice spa getaway at a luxury place where the rates were cheap because it is Summer and hotter than Satan's ass here.

The resort itself is immaculate. Clean. Beautiful. Great restaurants. Convenient to many things in Scottsdale. They clearly took great care in organizing all of that when they conceptualized this place.

But what they didn't do well in conceptualizing? The bathrooms.

First things first...

There is no bath tub. 

I have a HUGE room, facing the interior courtyard with a lively view. The bathroom is huge too. But there is no tub. Only a shower. There is room for a tub. But I guess they just didn't want to spring for adding it to the level of room that I am in here. 

The shower is quite spacious. But there is a huge design flaw in usability with it...  The placement of the shelves.

Especially the "shaving shelf."

Don't know what that is? Here you go...

It's the shelf that a woman (or man) rests their foot on in the shower so that they can easily elevate their leg for shaving. It's genius, and it means you don't have to bend over or dangerously angle the ball of your foot against the wall.

In shower/tub combos, you can just rest your foot on the edge of the tub. But in solo showers, you need something to put your foot on for shaving. 

At my old gym in Boston, the showers had metal shave shelves strategically placed OUT of the direct stream of water. It was perfect. It meant that you could shave your legs with a good lather without having the water wash it all away before you got to it.

But this place? As you can see in the photo above, it's directly under the stream of water. Not ideal. 

The other item that peeves me greatly at many places, but especially this place, is the sink faucet's placement.

Far, far too often faucets that are too short are paired with the incorrect bowl... Making the water stream hit too closely to the edge... And usually resulting in water going everywhere when you wash your hands.

As you can see in the photo above, the sink in the bathroom here suffers from such a problem.  And water sprays everywhere on the granite counter because of it... Which I then have to wipe down.

Sure, these are all "First World Problems."  But there are things I am keeping my eye on as I begin to finalize fixture selections for the house.