Dream Furniture.

The day has finally come. 

Well, one of the days for which I have been waiting... As there are many coming lately. But this is one I have been dreaming of for a long time. Years at this point.

The arrival of my Eames furniture from the Herman Miller supplier.

My dining chairs! I am replacing one of the benches for my reclaimed wood dining table.  Two chairs will replace the bench. And I am adding the two other chairs at each end of the table.

They are often referred to as the "Eiffel Tower" chairs because of the chrome base. And they are topped with molded plastic.

Sure, they may seem basic and certainly not at all fancy... But I am not fancy. And I love the combination of the reclaimed wood with the plastic and chrome materials. In fact, I started a Pinterest board dedicated to the look.

Another piece I added was a desk chair...

It is similar to a chair I sat on when I worked at The Evil Empire 12 years ago. Only back then, the Empress insisted on white furniture. And chrome desk accessories.  And only Diet Coke was allowed stocked in the fridge...

But that is pushing me down a path of traumatic memories in which I am not ready to revisit. So I'll get back to the furniture...

My dream piece for years, though, has been this...

The lounger.

In fact, I am sitting in it now as I write this post.

It may look like black leather. But it's not...

It's actually a navy-grey color. And that's a Brazilian Cherry wood on the base.

Dreamy, hmm?

Okay... Perhaps I am silly.  But I am excited nonetheless. And I can't wait to put it in my new home in a few months.