Renovation: Beds, Pipes & Cats.

Every time I show up at the house (each day), I see mega changes.

Sure, to everyone else it looks largely like a big ol' mess. But I notice everything. Every detail.

This week brought the addition of the flower bed boxes...

The tile will is in stock, and likely being installed early next week. And with the patio furniture being delivered next Friday, I feel the need to go out and pick up a few outdoor things... Like pillows made of Sunbrella fabric and cushions for my yoga platform.

Inside the house, the plumber has mostly finished his work. The copper pipes, cast pipes, and water recirculator have all been installed.

My neighbor, Mr. Flanders (seriously... I am living next door to a Flanders), and I were walking through the space the other day. And he commented how he - at first - couldn't imagine how I was going to fit a bathroom in upstairs. But once he saw it all worked, and that it was actually a decent-size, he was impressed.

It probably helped that there were pipes in place establishing where things are going...

You can see the sink vanity pipes and the shower pipes!

And don't mind the hole in the floor that allows you to see down into the kitchen...

The  bathrooms were the major things being done to the house. And believe it or not, all of the pipes getting into place mean we're more than halfway done with this remodel. Seriously.

One decision I made early this week was to add a Cat 6 cable.

I'm thinking ahead with this house. And installing Ethernet in bedroom, the office and the living room just seemed smart.

And it was cool to see where in the house the electrician had marked where the ports were going to be going.


I spent my lunch hour today picking out flush mount light fixtures for each of the rooms.

At some point, probably in two weeks, I'm going to need to be all over paint colors again. Things are going to move that quickly.