Renovation: Finishing Up That Patio & Closing The Plumbing.

By this weekend, I will be able to spend some time hanging out on my new patio... As it will be done and furniture will be on it by this Friday.


Check out this blue slate tile going in...

They're likely wrapping this up today... And then will hopefully be able to get the beds planted. I'm having sage and lavender put into them, since they are low-water and low-maintenance.

The furniture for the patio arrives late Friday afternoon. Which means I could easily go hang out at the space Friday night. And I may.

And the bathtubs for the upstairs bathrooms came in yesterday...

So this means they can start to close off the plumbing. The bigger box on the right is my Lacey tub for the master suite, which is really deep.

I've only been able to take showers in the past three and a half months. I am craving a good soak. December can't come quickly enough for me.