Renovation: I Have Tubs! And A Patio!

Oh... I know, I know. I wrote about this earlier today. But I stopped by at the end of the day - after hitting the Home Depot for some undermounted sinks for the master bathroom - I had to stop by to drop everything off at the house. And then had to check and see how things looked around the place.

The guest bathroom has it's bathtub!

This now helps me really visualize the size of the bathroom.  This is officially a bathroom! The tub is in... The toilet whole and pipes are in place. As are the pipes for the sink.

I'm so excited, I went ahead and ordered a super awesome shower curtain to go in here.

But I'm really excited about this...

My Lacey tub in my master suite bathroom!!! All framed out, and soon will be ready for it's concrete countertop to be shaped on top.

Look how deep the tub is!

Imagining soaking with some epic Jo Malone oil and lovely epsom salts.

And the patio is more or less done...

Well, minus the flower beds and the little wooden fence to go around the air conditioning unit to hide it.

I will be in this space soon enough, working while sitting on my couch or practicing my Bikram first thing in the morning on my platform...

I can visualize it all. I'm already there now. In my mind.