Renovation: A Pipe Canal & A Hole In My Exterior Wall.

I wasn't expecting a ton of noticeable progress to be done on my new place while I was away in the jungle. But I was quite surprised to find a large opening in the wall of home when I arrived there shortly after coming back from the jungle...


Where there was once a set of French doors is now a space intended for a single glass door that opens out, and a wall and picture window. This is going to allow me to have more counter space in the kitchen, as well as a full sized black board wall.

And the kitchen is the place where most of the week's activity seems to have taken place...

There's a nice sized canal running through the kitchen to bring the plumbing up to the second floor for the new bathroom.

It spans from the powder room on the first floor through the entry way.

Cutting the floor meant sawing through some thick cement. The ceiling was also cut up as well...

And pipes laying out, as well as dirt piles everywhere...

My fingers are crossed that things change more quickly over the next few weeks. I was told by my contractor today that I would have a rendering of the custom kitchen cabinets they are making for me. And soon I will have the drawing for the custom built-in TV and book shelf going into the excess space from the previous powder room.

The bathroom upstairs is coming along quite well.

The air duct has now been moved.  

And an additional wall frame has gone up where the bathtub will be.

I'm finding it more and more insane that adding a bathroom into this space hadn't ever been done before this. The two large closets that had been there before were more than enough space to accommodate a nice-sized second full bathroom.

This week, they're getting work done on the back patio, as well as finishing up the plumbing. Oh! And electrical gets going!